Towards the end of 2018, I wrote a critique titled “The Future is Here. Is the Singapore Art World Ready?

As a Singaporean arts journalist and critic, I wrote this critical analysis because I did not see the future almost everyone assumed we were headed towards – more of the same. I did not see what we are experiencing now either. 

But I did see an era of rapid and intense disruption, uncertainty and increased digital presence in our lives.

With the onset of COVID-19, I began covering the impact of this public health crisis on the art world for HK media CoBo Social from March 2020 onwards, churning out quick-read analytical pieces almost on a fortnightly basis.

It seems ridiculous to be writing about the machinations of the art world during such a time, but this microcosm of society, shaped by forces ranging from the primordial to the material, is a rather apt social space to analyse as unforeseen developments unfold in real time across industries and communities worldwide.

I realised it might be worth compiling all these articles I am writing about the shifting realities we are currently experiencing on a single website for easy access and reading.

As a planetary civilisation, we are clearly hurtling towards a new and different world and once we reach this world, it might do us some measure of good to remember how we got there.